I'm Japanese who like reading manga.

I make videos of manga recommendations and teach Japanese words and phrases used in manga.

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I also am a community tutor with italki. If you would like to learn Japanese from me or want to talk in Japanese, please book my class.

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I am publishing the manga I am currently drawing on Patreon. (I may make them available for free in the future.) If you would like to support my manga production and would like to read more, please continue to support me on Patreon.

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Patreonで今描いている漫画を公開しています。 (将来無料で見られるようにするかもしれないです。) 僕の漫画制作を応援してくれる方、続きが読みたいと思ってくれる方はPatreonでのご支援を引き続きよろしくお願いいたします。

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